Profil Lulusan

The profiles of the undergraduate (S1) Accounting study program graduates to be achieved are as follows:

Management AccountantAccounting Study Program graduates must be able to apply professional knowledge and skills in the preparation and presentation of information on financial and other decisions oriented in such ways to assist the management in formulating policies, planning, and controlling the implementation of operations.
Public AccountantAccounting graduates are able to provide a variety of services to society, including assurance, attestation, and non-assurance services. Assurance services are independent professional services that improve the quality of information for decision makers
Islamic AccountantAccounting graduates are able to apply their competences in Islamic economics and accounting
Government AccountantAccounting graduates are able to organize government agency financial statements using government accounting procedural approaches
Educators AccountantAccounting graduates are able to educators in accounting based on accounting research and development
Internal AuditorAccounting graduates are able to able to become problem-solving based internal auditor on accounting science internal auditors
Tax ConsultantAccounting graduates are able to assist the public in solving problems in fulfilling tax obligations