Kata Alumni

Dany Puspitasari, SE

LPDP awardee for Master Program at Monash University

It is an honor for me for having an undergraduate degree study in Accounting Department, Faculty of Economics of Universitas Negeri Semarang. The Accounting Department always supports me to be active in positive activities, such as seminars or competitions. Besides, the department always tries to provide a forum for discussion related to economic or accounting issues, so that I can discuss it with the lecturers. In my opinion, it is very important since he learning in the classroom is not enough to absorb the knowledge and materials delivered by the lecturers.

Titin Aliyah, SE

  1. Auditor at Ernst and Young Indonesia (Sep 2018-Feb 2020)
  2. General Ledger Excecutive at Ascott International Management Indonesia (Feb 2020 – Aug 2020)
  3. Accounting Staff at Kukbo Design Co. Ltd (present)

The learning process the Faculty of Economics, Department of Accounting of UNNES is very effective and provides a lot of knowledge that really supports my career. The class atmosphere is filled with interesting discussions with competent lecturers so it helps us a lot to be more active in expressing opinions and improving our public speaking skills. The materials presented are up to date with many discussions about accounting issues which are very useful to improve our insight. I really appreciate and thank the lecturers who are very professional and competent in their fields. Hopefully the Accounting Department, Faculty of Economics of UNNES will always improve its quality to generate high quality graduates.

Dyah Damayanti, SE

Ministry of Agriculture Indonesia

The Accounting Department of Universitas Negeri Semarang always provides full support to its students to organize and compete in positive ways. Many organizations can be joined according to the interests of each individual. In terms of competition, the department always facilitates the students to actively participate in competitions among universities, both in academic and non-academic fields. This is certainly useful in training their soft and hard skills.

Not inferior to other accounting majors at other universities, the accounting department of UNNES also has references to research journals that are very helpful for the students to prepare their papers.

I do hope that the Accounting Department of UNNES will be more advanced in the future. I am sure, with the current competencies of the lecturers, the Accounting Department of UNNES will be able to grasp more achievements and always generate quality scholars and graduates who are not only smart but also have the skills needed in the world of work.

Rif’an Jailani, SE

State Audit Board (BPK) of Lampung Representative

The Accounting Department of Universitas Negeri Semarang is the right place for those who want to learn much about the science of Accounting. The Accounting Department has very competent lecturers in their respective fields, supported by available facilities, such as the Accounting Laboratory, Accounting Corner, etc.

Many comfortable classrooms and complete facilities make the teaching and learning atmosphere more conducive. The students are also required to play active roles in teaching and learning activities, so that the learning is not only centered to the teaching staff.

Besides, the accounting department also has journal references, including the Accounting Analysis Journal (AAJ) and the Accounting Dynamics Journal (JDA) to help the students who want to conduct research. The Accounting Department, Universitas Negeri Semarang is highly recommended to continue our studies.

Jariyah, SE

Data Integrity Analyst – Pricing at PT Philip Morris Sampoerna International Service Center

Studying at the Accounting Department of UNNES of is one of my best life experiences that I really appreciate the process of. I learned a lot from the lecturers, seniors and colleagues. I really appreciate the lecturers who not only give us the opportunity to study in class, but also invite us to learn to do research together. Also, the campus provides many opportunities for the students to get scholarships and moral and material support to compete outside. What I learned when I was a student there has shaped my character so that I can compete as best as possible in the professional works.